How do you choose the best accountant in Coolum?

Why choose us?


My Accountant Qld offers fixed fees for routine work you need done, such as financial statements, tax returns and setting up new structures. Like all practices, we do charge for our advice. However, if we identify particular strategies which assist you, we can provide you with a quotation up front so you can decide if the benefit is worth the cost.

Personal Attention

Our small and dedicated team work together to deliver the service you enjoy. We don't send your work overseas, so we know the nuts and bolts of your financials. That helps us understand where you're coming from so we can serve you better.

If you are searching for the best business accountant consider My Accountant Qld.

The best business accountant does more than tax returns. We ensure you trade under a legal structure that provides tax-effective & legal protection for your hard earned assets. We also give you options to minimise your tax legally, as well as ensure you meet all your compliance obligations.

All while you operate your business.

That’s a huge task. So the best accountant also ensures you have access to the sounding board, analysis and reporting that helps you make informed decisions about where to spend your time and your money.  It’s about connecting you to the right professionals at the right time so you get the right input to make the right decisions.

The best accountant wants to work with the best client. That’s a client who wants to maximise their return on investment in their business world.

My Accountant Qld can assist you in all these areas.  We work with the best clients and rely on them to spread the word by referring their friends & associates to us.

Our clients include

  • Alternative therapists
  • Architect and design businesses
  • Building & Construction businesses
  • Doctors, dentists & medical practices
  • Finance professionals
  • Health & Fitness professionals & businesses
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Investors
  • Labour Hire businesses
  • Landscape and land regeneration businesses
  • Mechanical & heavy equipment businesses
  • Micro businesses
  • Personal services businesses including consultants, contractors, brokers, engineers, pool inspectors, surveyors
  • Primary production businesses
  • Real estate agencies
  • Retail businesses
  • Self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs)
  • Small businesses
  • Tourism businesses
  • Restaurants

Choosing the best accountant for YOU

If you are interviewing for the best accountant in Coolum, you are really trying to find the best accountant for your unique YOU.

Consider shortlisting your potentials by asking these questions:

  1. What qualifications do you and the team hold? The more rounded these are, the better the breadth of the experience clients have access to.  You should expect to deal with a member of a Professional body (like the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia or Certified Practicing Accountants Australia).  These bodies impose mandatory standards that their members must comply with.  Any accountant that can lodge tax returns must be a registered Tax Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board.
  2. What experience do you have in my industry? You’re the specialist in your industry, so you are entitled to expect industry expertise from your advisor.  You should expect to deal with an accountant who understands the industry from a business & operational perspective, not just from a tax compliance perspective.
  3. What is your fee structure? You should expect to know how much you will be charged. And when fees will be due.
  4. What level of customer service can you expect? You should choose a business partner who’s values align with your expectations.  If you expect phone or email response within certain time frames then ask whether this expectation will be met.
  5. Finally, ask yourself if communication seems easy. Building a trusting, open & honest relationship with an advisor requires easy communication.  If you are after the best accountant in Coolum for you, then you ultimately need an accountant you find it easy to communicate with.



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